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Jul 7, 2014 / 206 notes


Mieke Meijers

1- “Mieke is a very organised person. Every day, after using her tools, she cleans up her entire workshop and brings everything in the right order. Her husband build this storage system for her. He obviously knows what his wife likes to get as a present.

2- “Another of Meijer’s interior objects based on industrial architecture and objects: The Gravel Plant cabinets, a series of random modular elements titled to reflect the type of building that inspired the design.”

May 19, 2014

I personally think that, the final night of the project went very well and successfully. Also the communication skills between the group improved by having a Facebook group page in order to see the progress of each other and what we have done for the group. If people were unable to come in for certain reasons, people could still use the unit x page were the rest of the group would update posts to let others know. Having spending a lot of money on materials I have no neglect on doing this because it made the night successful.

If we was to do this project again, I would say that we would have more focus on the technical side of things as this is what let us down the most in both projects.  However we managed to find different alternative in order to make everything work well, such as going around asking customers to take pictures of their ‘game face’ which we uploaded onto twitter. 

I thought that our concept and final installations were very contemporary and fitted to the brief well. I really enjoyed this part of the project, it was fun being able to work in such a creative part of Manchester and Twenty Twenty Two was a great venue to have. Being able to work close with the clients was a great help as we were able to get feedback daily, as this is what it would be like in the professional world. 


May 19, 2014 / 2 notes
May 19, 2014

Peep Show boards on from the outside.

May 19, 2014

The Alcoves.

May 19, 2014

Lift Shaft Installation.

May 19, 2014

Day 3

14th May 2014

Another productive day on site testing the signage fits into place ready for tomorrow, fitting the lighting within the alcoves.

Shannon continued working on the projections for the installation within the lift shaft and was able to set up up the equipment ready for our main projections in the bar area.

One more day to go

May 19, 2014

Day 2

13th May 2014

With everyone back on board, we spent the day on site, fitting the installation within the lift shaft, sourcing glow in the dark uv tape for the ping pong tables, this worked out a simple and effective way to create a unique, dynamic space. UV lights were also fitted into the space. We also began hanging our red fabric within the alcoves to create curtains, this turned out really effective and added to the dingy vibe we were aiming for. Off site we purchased our red lighting that will be fitted within the alcoves.

The space is really beginning to take shape.

May 19, 2014 / 1 note

Day 1
12th May 2014

After sourcing our materials over the weekend, today, myself, Emily B, Mahee and Mike began working on the signage for our event ‘Ping Pong Peep Show’- cutting the boards down to size, painting and creating stencils for the lettering and ‘PPP’ logo we began to spray paint our lettering onto each of the boards, we are really pleased with how they have turned out. using bright, vibrant colours against the white backdrop makes the lettering really stand out. These will be fitted into the windows of TwentyTwentyTwo on the day of the event. After finishing the signage we decided against cutting viewing holes into the boards as we felt this could effect the quality that we have already achieved.

We also managed to get our fabric cut down to size ready for installing.

May 19, 2014 / 1 note

Our Final Concept.

After plenty of discussions we have managed to create our final concept which we feel incorporates all of our ideas into the space aswell as creating a theme for the night. continuing with the ‘Peep Show’ concept. Our developed idea looks at the game of ping pong and nymphomaniacs the realms of sex and sexual connotations that can be linked with the sport of ping pong. We feel this will create a talking point and also pushes the boundaries of what we can and can’t do with the space making the overall night more exciting.

Outside the night club we plan to cover the windows with boards that will promote our event, adding an element of intrigue, there will also be holes cut for people to interact with the space and be able to look through into the space. Continuing the theme of sexual connotation, within the alcove we aim to use red lighting and red curtains, reflecting the ‘red light district - Amsterdam’ , this will then hopefully shine out through the windows incorporating the exterior. By creating and hanging our own curtains, this will also hopefully add a level of intrigue inside the space. ‘What is happening behind the curtains’. Incorporating sounds of people playing ping pong into the space could also heighten peoples experience within the space. Within the existing pingpong space we plan to play on peoples facial expressions. Capturing them in action, which we then hope to project live onto the walls of the space, questioning ‘are they playing ping pong or doing something else?’. developing our initial ping pong installation we have decided to possibly project facial expressions onto the surface using projection mapping to bring the space together.